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Item: Image: Count: Points:
Postman Quest access img 1x 80
Permission to buy all blessing at once on Henricus img 1x 100
Use it and receive 100 points img 1x 100
Open your own Casino img 1x 50
Stamina Refill img 1x 50
Fire Sword img 1x 50
Skull Staff img 1x 30
Knight Axe img 1x 50
Giant Sword (Requeriment: Knights level 55 or higher) img 1x 100
War Hammer (Requeriment: Knights level 50 or higher) img 1x 50
Dragon Lance (Requeriment: Knights level 60 or higher) img 1x 100
Amulet of Loss img 1x 50
Soft Boots (+20 speed, +3hp/2sec, +6mp/2sec) img 1x 200
Soul ring (+10 speed, +8hp/2sec, +12mp/2sec) img 1x 100
Description: Image: Points:
Full Citizen Outfit img 100
Full Hunter Outfit img 150
Full Knight Outfit img 180
Full Nobleman Outfit img 120
Full Summoner Outfit img 200
Full Warrior Outfit img 200
Full Barbarian Outfit img 150
Full Druid Outfit img 250
Full Wizard Outfit img 170
Full Oriental Outfit img 100
Full Pirate Outfit img 200
Full Assassin Outfit img 250
Full Beggar Outfit img 100
Full Shaman Outfit img 150
Full Norseman Outfit img 100
Full Nightmare Outfit img 250
Full Jester Outfit img 100
Full Brotherhood Outfit img 250
Full Demonhunter Outfit img 150
Full Mage Outfit img 500
Description: Image: Count/duration: Points:
Change character gender.(Go to My Account and choose character to change gender) img 1x 20
Change character name.(Go to My Account and choose character to change gender) img 1x 50