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Description: Image: Count/duration: Points: Action:
Green Djinn Quest access.img1x100
Blue Djinn Quest access.img1x100
Postman Quest access.img1x120
Permission to buy all blessing at once on Quentin.img1x100
7 Vip days (20% more experience).img1x50
15 Vip days (20% more experience).img1x100
30 Vip days (20% more experience).img1x180
Change character gender.(Go to My Account and choose character to change gender)img1x50
Change character name.(Go to My Account and choose character to change gender)img1x100
Soft Boots (+25 speed, +3hp/2sec, +4mp/2sec).img1x200
Soft Ring (+5 speed, +1hp/2sec, +2mp/2sec).img1x150
Amulet of Lossimg1x100
Use it and get 100 points.img1x100