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Welcome, wanderer, to a medieval fantasy online game full of exciting adventures, mighty magic, and great battles.
On your journey, you will meet players from all over the world. For more information about this multi user dungeon
with a graphical user interface have a look at our screenshots and the game manual. To start playing sign up for a free account. Have fun!

Serversave: 05:00 Horário de São Paulo, SP.

08 September 2018 (01:14)



Our server is a complete replica out of the most famous Tibia version ever created in terms of playercount. We are proudly inviting you to join our server where you will be able to re-experience those times. We also strongly believe that you will love the server once you have started!

» All 7.4 Quests/missions/tasks.
» Balanced vocations, spell damages from 7.4 has been slightly tweaked in order to enhance this.
» All of the raids that existed back in the days are of course here.
» Great server stability in terms of D-dos protection, along with a completely lag-free connection.
» Active support that will assist you on facebook or in help channel in case if you will need it.
» Antibot Client in order to keep away the botters!

General Settings:
Experience: starts x20
Skill rate: x5 
Magic rate: x3
Loot rate: x2

21 August 2018 (15:57)


1. Alguns respaws estavam bloqueados. (vamps e ancient scarabs no deserto e demons em Meadowfield).
2. Vip corrigido para todos personagens da conta.
3. Pequenos bugs removidos.
4. Warlocks estão conjurando behemoths a leste de Meadowfield.
5. Cave de necromancer adicionada em venore. 

29 August 2018 (22:03)

Changes log:

1. We have add Amulet of loss on shop.
2. Fixed Xp for players above lvl 101.
3. Some Places to hunt on Meadowfield:

28 August 2018 (21:07)

1. We have changed frag system (check server info)
2. Demona entrance bug
3. We have increased Knight atacks and exori mana use.
28 August 2018 (08:26)

Shared Experience and Auto Sta

1. Auto Stack stackble items

2. Shared experience is now Active!


You need to be in party.

27 August 2018 (21:04)

Changes log:

Today we have changed:

1. Mute system was turned off.
2. All magic shops are selling bps of blank runes (bp br) and bps of mana fluids (bp mf).
3. Djin quests fixed
4. Frag system fixed

Some unknown respawns: